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Educating the World on a Higher Quality of Life
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Connecting Communities and Helping Them Live Life to The Full

At Indo Wellness Center  we partner with charities, doctors and patient advocates, Farms, Dispensaries and more  to provide and connect  the smoothest route for your needs., we  also are geared to assist with our Consultants to help you  reach you full potential in starting or expanding your business.  Our goal is to not only be the one-stop-shop for all cannabis related information in your State, but to connect you to what you  need. 

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Our Goals

These are the three main pillars that hold up everything we do. In all of our duties, we make sure to emphasize these goals. 


We aim to inform Floridians through unbiased reporting of facts from all corners of our state. Our priority is getting truths and relevant information straight to you so you don't have to go searching through a dozen paid news sites. We want to be Florida's one-stop-shop for all cannabis related information.


We bring hands-on learning to you. With our Cannabis Quest seminars and workshops, we bring doctors and dispensary representatives to your corner of Florida to teach you in personal, intimate settings. These workshops will turn your cannabis knowledge into meaningfull cannabis experience. 


At Indo Wellness Magazine, we believe knowledge is power. The more Floridians with applicable knowldge there are, the more power is in the hands of individuals and citizens, where it should be. We don't spout useless information; everything we publish is meant to make you smarter and more powerful against oppressive entities.

Our Special Partners

Indo Wellness Magazine would not be where it is today without the help of many people along the way. Though our thank you list is long, there are a few organizations and individuals who deserve a special nod of appreciation. 

Crohn's Charity Service Foundation

Indo Wellness Magazine is a direct offshoot of the Crohn's Charity Service Foundation of Florida. When CCSF discovered that many of their patients were lacking the right knowledge and education to make informed decisions about their health, they dedicated themselves to being a conduit of information. Since making the dedication, they've helped launch Indo Wellness Magazine and brought knowledge to countless individuals across Florida. CCSFFL

AgeVital Pharmacy, Research, and Wellness

Thanks to the advice and care of Dr. Jenny Wilkins of ageVital Pharmacy, thousands of people all over Florida have grown healthier and stronger. Dr. Jenny Wilkins has a motto of, "You are what you absorb," and approaches medicine in a unique way that often produces flawless results in patients. For vitamins and wellness products compounded specifically for your body, check out ageVital Pharmacy.   AgeVital Pharmacy
Interview with Dr. Jenny Wilkins​​
Though we've had the opportunity to sit down and interview many influencial figures across Florida in the past few months, one of the more enlightening and inspiring talks was with Dr. Jenny Wilkins of Sarasota. She has her own line of CBD products, as well as a full-fledged pharmacy which helps hundreds of patients live at their peak efficency. 
Check out the continued interview on YouTube!