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IWC Cannabis Loans
  ​A Crohn's Charity Service Foundation Enterprise ​​
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With the extra cost of Medical Cannabis without insurance, makes choosing payments for their medicine a hard choice to make. We have programs to reduce the mental stress associated with living with chronic illness, by helping with some associated cost that goes unattended because of flare ups and sickness.

Our program goals is to rebuild confidence and self esteem with helping them live independently by using available resources for their disease management.

By being a public benefit with assistance and awareness explains our "Narrative Descriptions" of Activties and Mission. We have a lot of work to do and with your help
we will Achieve all our goals.

Thank you for supporting us with:

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"Cannabis Quest Florida" Patient connection tour
Crohn's Charity Service Foundation
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Crohn's Charity Service Foundation Non-Profit Enterprise
We are excited to create Fundraisers
to help with cost of Patients needs.